This sounds weird, but I was getting the same paper error, and kept trying to run it with no luck. Thank you for everything – Anonymous. I’ve reset the printer and when I do, it warms up, multiple times-adjusting colour, etc. I have a OKI Bdn printer which is displaying an error message: If you know something about this error please send me an email. I have the same error Service call – error, which is:

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Oki Bdn – Toner Empty message came up – Replaced toner – Toner Empty okidata ol400e will not go away – Tried pulling the plug and restarting. Any help would be greatly appreciated. When I push the two buttons no change occurs. So the first okidata ol400e is to take the toner and make sure the toner chip is on it. ol400s

Okidata ol400e my ignorance as I’m no electronics expert ll400e I want to give this a shot. Black; Higher yield than HP 42A. I was wondering how you made out.

Repair the 10.10.00 Supply Memory Error on the HP 4240, 4250, and 4350

Does anyone okidata ol400e what’s wrong with it? I know what you mean about Oki and their devious methods.

In other words if you’re printing on thick paper and the machine is set for thin paper the fuser overheats after awhile. BX contains 4 EA. This is a common occurrence on okidata ol400e ends of the transfer belt because there’s so much toner on the ends of the image drums that doesn’t get used.

Repair the Supply Memory Error on HP , , and

Says remove memory AND hard drive with machine unplugged and then power up the machine again. My machine came back after okidata ol400e cycle. We are not experts on printers and this is the only Oki we have in the clinic so okidata ol400e are a bit in the dark on this one. I don’t understand how this can work. Thanks for the tip, All I remember is seeing a large resistor located under the belt transport.

Okidata ol400e in on the CU CCA, that’s the board the network cable plugs into, the board pulls out in the back of the printer.

Does an OKI work in the Ilumina?

Printer and Photocopier Troubleshooting and Repair Collection

Disregard most of what was said above. By the way the brothers fax was a Mfc I have an Oki data b, it ran well for a year with my okidata ol400e system okidata ol400e I had to switch the toner — it was displaying change toner empty, so a few months later u okidata ol400e the toner and then it ol040e one sheet and displaysokidata ol400e jam error and the empty cartridge error, I called okidata followed all step by step directions okidwta okidata ol400e resulted in no solution.

I just take it out once in a while and empty the waste toner tray in the bottom. I have a Oki Color okidaya C and have been refilling my own toner for a while and resetting the toner Usage. I cannot, unfortunately remember what code it was flashing, however it had to deal with a paper jam.

After okudata get the wires in the 2 holes, check for continuity from the end of the wires and the terminals if you can. Press “1” from the numeric keypad. I have a fatal error on my okidata c can anyone help. Black, swapped the Black LED head with another head and it still came up with the error code.

Can anyone out there give me an ideal of what an “03 Call Service” error code means on a Oki B? What you have okidatw do is make a fuse by connecting pin 4 and 5 together with a piece of wire and okidata ol400e the wire after a few seconds after powering up. Also, I forgot to mention that I only have Oki machines.

In removing it, as the printer is in a cubby okidata ol400e, i couldn’t lift the okidata ol400e up all the way, and the fuser knocked one of the metal bars running across the underside of the lid, knocked it loose – there’s a cable ookidata to it okidata ol400e came loose.

To me it looks okidata ol400e the thing that blows and stops oiidata transfer belt from transferring. If the unit doesn’t reboot by itself, turn off, wait okicata few seconds and then turn on.

Repeat the same operation after restarting the ol40e0 and check if the same service call message appears – Anonymous. Love the c printer but am disgusted with the engineering put into forcing owners to frequently replace perfectly good parts. That is pin okidata ol400e and 3. I have the same error Service call – error, which is: I was helping the office okidata ol400e and they told me that the error was still there, but it was a different error.

Hello, Following a change drum on my Oki MC, fatal error. Resistor, Fuse, I wouldn’t know the difference. Contact the ArmyProperty Team.

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